Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Portland Winair Co. works with customers to ensure that they are in compliance with OSHA’s (Occupational Safety Health Administration) Hazard Commnication Standard (HAZCom).

The standard requires all contractors to educate their employees about hazardous chemicals. This includes chemicals they are exposed to in the workplace and the methods necessary to protect themselves.

Portland Winair is available to discuss any issues related to products and encourage customers to contact Portland Winair before beginning a job.

To find the MSDS sheet for non-hazardous materials, go to the web site of the manufacturer, search for the product and the MSDS link.

Under HazCom, employers are required to have a written hazard communication program and this must be maintained at all jobsites. If our customers need assistance with their written communication program, they can contact Portland Winair for this assistance.